a combining form meaning "resistant, impervious to" that specified by the initial element: burglarproof; childproof; waterproof.

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-proof UK [pruːf] US [pruf] suffix
used with some nouns for describing something that will provide protection against the damaging effects of something else

a bulletproof vest

recession-proof shares

Thesaurus: not affected and not having an effectsynonym suffixeshyponym to make something start to exist or happensynonym

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proof «proof», noun, adjective, verb.
1. a way or means of showing beyond doubt the truth of something: »

Is what you say a guess, or have you proof?

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under evidence. (Cf.evidence)
2. the establishment of the truth of anything; demonstration: »

In proof of this theory, I shall make certain studies.

SYNONYM(S): confirmation, corroboration.
3. an act of testing; trial: »

That box looks big enough; but let us put it to the proof.

SYNONYM(S): experiment.
4. the condition of having been tested and approved.
5. a trial impression from type. A book is first printed in proof so that errors can be corrected and additions made. »

Did the author correct the page proofs?

6. a trial print of an etching, photographic negative, or the like.
7. a proof coin: »

The artist and coin designer T. H. Paget had offered a number of trial strikings and artist's proofs of pieces of his design (London Times).

8. the strength of an alcoholic liquor with reference to the standard in which 100 proof spirit contains about 50% alcohol and about 50% water. Brandy of 90 proof is about 45% alcohol.
1. of tested value against something: »

proof against being taken by surprise.

2. used to test or prove; serving for a trial.
3. of standard strength of alcohol.
1. to render proof against something; make resistant to something.
2. a) = proofread. (Cf.proofread) b) to make a proof of.
[< Old French prouve, alteration (influenced by prouver to prove) of earlier prueve < Late Latin proba < Latin probāre prove. See etym. of doublet probe. (Cf.probe)]
proof´er, noun.
suffix. protected against _____; safe from _____: »

Fireproof = safe from fire. Waterproof = protected against water.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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